Brainwave Sounds – EEG Generated Sounds

Brainwave Sounds is a study of emotion and music, culminating with an experimental system that analyzes a person’s brain through music theory and psychology to create musical representative of that person’s mind.

With the advent of consumer-grade electroencephalograms, the public has access to technology that reads their brain activity, but many of the applications of these devices are focused on meditation and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). One area that has seen some exploration in the past decade is brainwave music, in which brainwaves are mapped to specific properties of virtual instruments and then played. This study focuses instead on creating a system that generates music based on the feed of brainwave information received from a participant. As opposed to alternative projects and BCIs, Brainwave Sounds is not about flexing the brain muscle in a particular way but about interpreting the brainwaves of the participant and outputting sounds that represent them. The analysis takes inspiration from concepts in music psychology and meditation, both adapting well with the Muse EEG device. The resulting sounds have several elements influenced by the brainwaves such as tempo and note choices.





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